Trimble SX10 Scanning Total Station

Trimble SX10 measures dense 3D scanning data at 26,600 dots per second with high accuracy over its entire measurement range of up to 600 m. Trimble SX10, point clouds are captured and automatically saved with your survey workflow. Whether you want to capture hemispheric scans from your station setup or simply enrich your topographic data with scans of specific areas of interest, you can be sure that all the information you collect fits perfectly with the coordinate system of your survey.    More Info.

Main features

  • Combines topography, imaging and high-speed 3D scanning in a revolutionary solution.
  • Trimble's high-precision Lightning 3DM technology offers a scan range of up to 600m and the industry's smallest spot size, just 14mm to 100m.
  • Uses Trimble Lightning scanning technology to scan up to 26,600 points per second to capture a full dome sweep in less than 12 minutes.
  • Enhanced Trimble VISION ™ technology enables fast and easy capture of high resolution site images.
  • Full integration with familiar Trimble Access workflows and Trimble Business Center software

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