Trimble TX6 is ideal for capturing detailed data in real conditions. By performing high-speed measurements without compromising accuracy, Trimble TX6 delivers the high-density 3D point clouds needed for analysis and design professionals.

  • Improved productivity in the field with fast, high-resolution scans
  • Reliability, accuracy, clarity and data quality
  • Proven performance in any type of environment
  • Quick capture of images to colorize scans with Trimble VISIONTM Technology
  • Intuitive and friendly
  • Integrates the resulting data with other Trimble survey instruments and Trimble RealWorks software      More Info.

Scanning speed

500 000 pts / sec

Scanning range

80m Standard, 120m extended

Range Noise

<2mm up to 120m

Sweeping Time

3-5 minutes for standard high resolution scans


Built-in HDR camera, 10 MP resolution

Temps d'acquisition Full Dome

Full Dome acquisition time


Built-in touch screen or WLAN via Windows, Apple or Android mobile device
Compensator with two axes Accuracy 1 ", Range ± 5 ', Resolution 0.3"
Laser class and input protection

Laser Class1 and IP 54

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