Trimble TX8 laser scanner sets the new standards for performance and ease of use for fast 3D data collection. Combining the latest in speed, long range and accuracy, Trimble TX8 delivers high quality results in the field of civil engineering, industrial measurement, engineering and construction. It is the preferred scanner for its productivity, accuracy and unrivaled flexibility.

  • Improved productivity in the field with the fastest high-resolution scans on the market. 
  • Reliability, accuracy, clarity and data quality
  • Proven performance in any type of environment
  • Quick capture of images to colorize scans with Trimble VISIONTM Technology
  • Intuitive and friendly
  • Integrates the resulting data with other Trimble survey instruments and Trimble RealWorks software     More Info.

Scanning speed

1 million pts / sec

Scanning range

120m Standard, 340m extended

Range Noise

<2mm jusqu'à 120m Standard / <1mm jusqu'à 80m Haute Précision

Sweeping Time

2-3 minutes for standard high resolution scans


Built-in HDR camera, 10 MP resolution
Full Dome acquisition time

1 min standard, 2 min HDR, full field view


Built-in touch screen or WLAN via Windows, Apple or Android mobile device
Compensator with two axes

Precision 1 ", Range ± 5 ', Resolution 0.3"

Laser class and input protection

Laser Class1 and IP 54

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