OmniSTAR® service

OmniSTAR® is a wide‑area differential GPS service provider.

OmniSTAR signals provide real‑time, differentially corrected positions without the need for a radio link. You can use OmniSTAR for:

  • real-time differential surveys
  • fallback in an RTK survey when the ground‑based radio link is down     More Info.

OmniSTAR correction signals are available worldwide, but are only supported by an OmniSTAR‑capable GNSS receiver and a subscription must be bought from OmniSTAR to receive a subscription authorization.

Subscription levels for OmniSTAR corrections include:

  • OmniSTAR HP, G2 and XP – all three are displayed in Trimble Access as OmniSTAR HP
  • OmniSTAR VBS – displayed in Trimble Access as OmniSTAR VBS       

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