Marine Inertial Positioning System

The Trimble Marine Inertial Positioning System is a compact dual antenna system that provides robust 3D position and orientation data in the most challenging of marine environments.   More Info.

  • Main features
  • The system integrates a Trimble dual antenna GNSS receiver with the IMU sensor into one housing that allows a tightly coupled solution - resulting in the most robust positioning solution possible.
  • The system will keep delivering position and attitude even when used in compromising marine situations such as a congested port.
  • Its performance surpasses the systems put together from a dual GNSS antenna receiver cabled to an IMU (Pitch Roll Heave) sensor - The Trimble Marine Inertial Positioning Systems is offered at a competitive price point, and it delivers a more robust solution.
  • The system can deliver data while dead reckoning in cases where satellite coverage is limited for short periods so you keep productivity up.
  • The unit can be used on new installations or as a drop-in replacement to your existing system.
  • The real-time data outputs are legacy NMEA-type messages, including heave, that your existing marine software will be able to import

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