HP S9 and S9 Robotic Total Station

HP Trimble® S9 and S9 Total Stations feature the best field technologies and the highest level of precision and specialized technical features to ensure the ultimate in performance and accuracy. They combine the scanning, imaging, and surveying features into a single solution to focus on the highest level of accuracy with options such as the FineLockTM Long Range Option and Trimble DR High Precision EDM (HP). ) when precision is the crucial element. Back in the office, you just have to rely on our powerful Trimble Business Center and Trimble 4D desktop software to process and analyze your data.    More Info.

Main Features
     -Available with an angle precision of   0.5 "or 1"
     -Trimble DR Plus or HP EDM for a
     -speed, accuracy and reliability
     -Trimble VISION and SureScan technology optional
     -Real-time equipment management Locate2Protect
     -Intuitive Trimble Access Field Software
     -Trimble Business Center Desktop Software for fast data processing
    -Trimble 4D Control for managing monitoring projects

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